Urban Power Kite
Olivier Frayssineau

The implementation of the UpK prototype gives to the urban fabric a new element which acts principally in two places: on the ground and in the sky. Firstly, the urban power kite occupies a part of the city which to this day has not been occupied by urban elements and which has been reserved to commercial air travel. The urban power kite extands the domain of the city in high altitudes where these parafoils can obtain the maximum energy output. Secondly, on the ground, a specific architecural response is tailored to adapt to the combination of new urban mooring points for kites and an existing urban fabric. This overarching incentive behind this high impact technology is the breadth of its symbolic message and its great energy efficiency.

The value of this technology in terms of branding retains a high value as the power kites create a strong impact on the city’s perceived identity from the outside.

The ground level architecture of this prototype reflects much of the kite’s characteristics: light, mobile, and dynamic. The architecture is made to house different functions around the implemented kites.

The part of the prototype is evidently the wind over the city, but also the electricity flow which runs within the city from mooring points to homes.

The incorporation the UpK protoype is made by the architectural programme engine which takes into consideration urban typology, information density and a tailored list of programmatic solutions.