Xiamen Gateway
Nicola Ancona

The prototype proposal is an energy self-sufficient airport city infrastructure, which finds its testing grounds in the city of Xiamen, in the South East of the Republic of China.

The primary components or modules of the proposed prototype are: the airport terminal, the plasma gasification waste treatment plant and biojet fuels production by the airport taxyways plantation.

Immediate benefits include:
a) no fossil fuels burning for the scheme energy needs; b) zero CO2 emission in the air, hence greatly reduced local air pollution; c) - 80% CO2 emission from aircrafts using biojet fuels during their landing, ground and take off operations.

The proposed organization of the airport terminal may eventually cater 5 times more the actual air and cargo passengers traffic capacity.

The prototype implementation replaces the existing airport infrastructure and further contributes toward the formation of an utopian urbanism to benefit Xiamen community economically, culturally and environmentally

Education toward the disposal of waste reduces the consumtions of natural resources, energy usage, CO2 emission and air pollution, is necessary.Improved public awareness toward recycling and reuse of waste will reduce damages to the earth natural environment.

The by-products output of the Plasma Gasification plant and the biofuel generated by the taxyways plantations create commercial and industrial opportunities, hence contributing successfully to the economic re-generation of the area, specially for the nearby urban villages population.

The airport city secondary infrastructure plays a public and cultural role. The programme includes a school for pilots, conference, exibition and leisure centers, hotel, industrial units, public squares and parks and a new residential development for the local people.