Carpet Tidal Lands
John Philip Sage

Cities have a role to play in adressing climate change and urban methods need to adapt towards a carbon neutral future. Cities must designate incubator sites in order to develop tools that can address climate change at an urban scale.
These carpet-tidal lands, floating along the xiamen bay, give the opportunity to show how the future of our cities can look like: a new type of high-tech landscape.
It is a space where technology, science, nature and culture emerge in a hands-on experience of technology in action. This project demostrates new methods of energy production, convining it with a sustainable fish farming and even accommodating the first zero CO2 emision museum in the world.
It links the rich cultural and local history of aquaculture with the actual chinese target of lowering CO2 emisions in cities.

Branding shows the escenario: the Sea as the main generator of renewable energy andd as a virgin territory suitable to explore a new type of UTOPIAN living. These carpet-tidal-lands, floating along the xiamen bay, show how the future of our cities can look like: a new type of hightech landscape.

The floating surface if 1km x 1km is divided into pixels of 10m x 10m which incorporate new technologies and practices relating to carbon emision reduction in the form of prototypes. This dynamic carpet is a hybrid convination of two programs -an energy farm that supports a fish production network.

The dynamics of the prototype are the most important part. This panel shows all the flows that organize the floating carpet: Flow of people, fish, bike, monorail, installations and energy sources such as water flows, sun and wind. Besides the behaviour of the dynamic plataforms reacts to the user's energy consumption., emerging and submerging depending on the citizen.

Incorporation is about management and proliferantion. This panel shows how this floating carpets con vary the program and the strategy of growth depending on the site. The final image of incorporation is the idea of this floating carpets conquering the water land of the Xiamen bay.