Bamboo Education
Emiko Hamada

This prototype is to provide education for and production of carbon neutral products based on bamboo industry. The aim is to improve a standard of living in urban villages and develop sustainable local economies. The system will create a great number of new job opportunities related with the industry for both local people and migrant workers who suffer a lack of education and training opportunities. New schools would be provided for each production process and will train the potential workers. Part of the school facilities would be open to public and will provide new social and learning environments.

This system will provide a great potential in education and employment. It will create a number of job opportunities and learning environment on each production stage.

The prototype could be applied worldwide, and would be adjusted in a local scale with a flexible system of industrial and education facilities. It will also involve local communities by providing public amenities and learning opportunities.

The area would grow with the Bamboo industry and education systems. They will create better communities and develop a sustainable local economy.

The integration system of school and industry could be used for urban renewal planning of the villages in Xiamen. It will become a significant step towards improving the socio-economical problems of China.