Efficient Transport Network
Carolyn Ai Yian Tan

New Transportation Prototype and Existing Network Integration:

As Xiamen population is ever increasing in a rapid pace, due to a great investment deal in this city and also as one the five important ports in China, a solution is needed to encourage migration towards mainland of Xiamen to relieve the congestion and over crowded developments on the Xiamen Island. Hence a few transportation network extensions are proposed to accomodate for city expansion. The solution resolves local transportation issues and connectivity between two different districts.

Transportation on different sites have different programme requirements depending on district users.

This panels describes how prototype adapts to different permutations in details. It shows how the programme works in space and the flow of traffic between interchanges.

Cybernetic dynamicism model suggests to look at city scale network distribution according to population density, a concept of supply and demand.

Some enforcements are required to realised this project as part of Xiamen masterplan for low carbon city from inception to completion. Lifestyle changes are introduced to improve the quality of Xiamen public transportation.