Xiamen Bamboo Components
Benjamin Walton

Xiamen bamboo components purchases waste land created by the land ownership laws in china. The land is used to cultivate bamboo which is used to from engineered timber for buildings.

The prototype is highly visible not only in the transportation of the timber and in the end prefabricated components, but also in the offering fields as a public park. By producing a unique product the workers and factory will also have a high visibility.

The cultivation of bamboo introduces a serial element to the growing city, creating islands of bamboo which promote local biodiversity.

Material flows from the farm land on the rim of the bay in to the factories on the island. The prototype also stimulates the flow of money through the cooperatives owning the land.

For this prototype to work the local government and land owners have to engage in forming new laws governing the management of bamboo. The funds and infrastructure for the training of the forestry mangers and skilled work force has to be made available and established.