Community Hub
Aja Rose Teelock

A new genre of public infrastructure which encorporates the three elements of public open space, community services and facilities and a natural black and grey water treatment system [BGT] prototype. The [BGT] is an environmentally sound alternative to standard waste treatment which is currently inadequate. The [Community Hub] improves the standard of living for the catchment population of Urban Villages by providing these services in a single piece of infrastructure which is designed to cater for the future new developments which will share and eventually over the neighbourhood.
At a master plan level the prototype is implemented along a ‘Green Vein’ which fills the gap in the existing Xiamen green network. The Green Vein is subdivded into neighbourhoods based on 15 minute walking distances, each of these 5 neighbourhoods coincide with 5 water treatment systems and 5 [Community Hubs].

The integration of the 3 elements of the [Community Hubs] reinforces their value to the local comunity and their role in the urban fabric of Xiamen, while allowing international funding to benefit its poorest communities.

The integration of water treatment with planted spaces will work towards the reestablishment of local ecology within the urban fabric. This will also reduce the ‘Heat Island Effect’.

The master plan strategy and local level implimentation strategy allows for the prototype to fucntion as a system at two diferent timescales between which the urban context is dramatically changed and developed.

Incentives for Developers allows for aquisition of the [Community Hub] land, funding for the construction of the buildings, treatment and landscape from international investment, after which the prototype is self financing.